4 nights and 5 days in Malaysia(visa) & Na bon(Man's home)..

We started with taking the 3 hour loooong ferry ride to the mainland the "Donsak Pier".
From there minibus around 1½ hour to Nakhon Sri Thammarat the big city in that
province and after that a bus 45 min to Thung Song the closest city to Man's
village... When we arrived there Man's brother and mother and ant were already
waiting fo us so we drove home..

*Man's lovely home..

*Inside Mans home.. You see my boxes from the shopping to the right...;)

Then Man's mother told us that his passport
had arrived the same morning!! Typical, cause we thought we never gonna get
it in time so now we just planned for a quick drive to Malaysia border and back,
just for me to get a new stamp in my passport and 60 new days..... But I could
see Man's face when he open the passport, really happy and exited!!:) So the
day after we woke up early and drove down to Malaysia with Man's brother
& his girlfriend.

*The Police stoped us and when they saw Man's rasta hair they said "Come out and pee
  for check drugs........:/

*But off course he passed the test!! no marijuana, no nothing...;)

*Me, Oan & Pam... coffee stop after the police control...;)

*Our ride.. I want to have this car too, good for living in Thailand.

They(Oan & Pam) waited for us in Sadao(Thailand side of the border) &
me and Man took 2 motorbikes into Malaysia, went shopping in the taxfree
shops and eat some malay food... and then we got back again!:) but Man
was like a smiling sunshine after "so happy" cause he went out from Thailand
the FIRST time!! ;) haha....

After that we drove home again and had a really nice evening with his family
and friends... so GOOD food!!;)

*Haha... think I have 2 kilo more now.. also one thailady told me I look fat this morning:)

And day 2 we went shopping for our new
Café in Thung Song(nearest city) with his sister Jim and his Mother..

*This is Jim she work for the government, she is really nice & cool;)

They knew where to go to get good prices! We shopped for 37000 B in
Koh Phangan only the fridge cost 37000 B! But here we got everything we need
: Double glass door fridge, zink, double gas cooker, big rice cooker,
2 mixers, coffeemachine, toaster, bbqgrill, hotwater machine, fans etc.
So good for us!!:)

*Man with the Zink,tap etc...


*This food I didnt eat...;)

*Some of the things we bought...

*When they delivered the fridge it was scratched, so we made them go get a new one :/

After that we picked up Man's nephew "Pet" from school,
that was really funny cause they dont se so much foreign people around
there in the village.. and Pet he schocked when he saw me! :)


Day 3 we just relaxed in the home and day 4 we drove around with
motorbike buying strings for Man's guitar so cheap there and we
also went to KFC... Man never saw it before and was not so
impressed by the food, but we had fun and he liked some strange
eggpie they had there...;)

*The eggpies ;)

*Gör mig såklart lite vindögd, bjuder på det...;)

Yesterday was a looooong day we just packed all the stuff in a car,
said goodbye to the family+half village;) haha...

And then we drove to the Pier for Koh Phangan with 3 friends of Man who come along
to help, nice!... We were so sad when we were going to drive on the 4 o´klock boat
when they stopped us an said "FULL for cars"! :( so we just had to wait for the
6´O klock boat... We arrived here 22.00pm last night, tired but happy cause we
didnt break the 130 kilo fridge when we took it down from the car!! LUCKY!!;)

More to come soon... give me comments!! :) Puss! ;)

Postat av: Magalena

Sawadee ka!

Åhhh så underbar mini-semester :) Vet hur det känns att vara "ensam" falang i en thaiby hehe :P Alla tittar och pekar!!

Hur länge hade ni tänkt att stanna i Sverige? Men jag vet det är svårt att veta vilket visum man ska välja!

Vi ansökte om turistvisum när vi var i Bangkok för 3 mån och sedan kan man förlänga med ytterligare 3 mån när man är i Sverige. Men man måste ansöka i sitt hemland innan man kan få sitt visum eller uppehållstillstånd. Men pga. att vi väntade barn så fick han ansöka om UT i Sverige utan att behöva åka tillbaka till Thailand :) Är det något mer du vill veta så är det bara till att fråga igen så ska jag försöka hjälpa dig!

Kram Magdalena

2011-12-01 @ 12:48:09
URL: http://blixten87.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Emilia

härligt det ser ut!! köpt kyl och allt!lycka till nu ;D

2011-12-01 @ 14:17:15
Postat av: Alessandra

Åh va mycket du får se vännen! Helt underbart tt få lära känna andra länder så som du har fått möjligheten att göra!

2011-12-02 @ 12:08:41
URL: http://alessandra.se

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