Thewet Pier Samsen soi 9 *****5 Star Restaurant in Bkk!

This Restaurant is next to the Chao Phraya and very popular!
The owner, a really famous Chef got tired of working for a 5-
star Hotell and opened up his own basic little street Restaurant..

When you get there you have to wait in line for a table!
Im very grateful to Thanwalai for showing me this treasure
and I will definitely go back there next time!!
(Har skrivit om den här restaurangen förut men tänkte
 att den är värd att nämnas igen! Besök den!!)

*The Chef himself, very nice dressed..;)

*This was a suprise and really spicy, normaly I dont eat fish eggs but it was Yammi!:)

*This was honeyglazed ribbs with Dragon fruit, perfect taste!

*Can you belive this one? :)

*When I was enjoying thai delicacy's the Thai's was enjoying Pasta Carbonara!! ;)

*This pic is not so good but it is one of the most delicious thing I ever tried!!
  Spinach and Mozzarella mixed together I dont know how!? Aroy mak! ;)


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