Can´t live without....


*All this products are GREAT!! Good if you have sensitive
  skin too.. And the mascara is the only one that doesnt
  make my eyes feel dry.. The spray is nice, and the
  little travelkit have everything you need..;)

When you need to RELAX...;)



*The sign to "Wat Pho" (templet där Saunan finns).

The Sauna has two rooms(male and female). And when you get
there you can rent a Sarong to use over your swimshorts/bikini
in the Sauna.. You also get a locker for your clothes & belongings.

*This is the "Sauna" building...

Wat Pho Sauna
*Inside, but its dark when you sit there.

The combination of Thai herbs, such as lemongrass,
jasmine and turmeric, are said to be healthy for the
skin & to purge the body of toxins. The Sauna is hot
but the air is not so dry like in our Swedish Saunas.
More fresh and almost a menthol feeling..

I feel so refreshed everytime I leave this place..
Almost like new, and with skin soft like a baby! ;)

The experience is as much unlike any Western spa
experience that I wouldn’t know where to begin.
Its SO peaceful and quiet in the temple area..
You can really relax here!

If you have been partying too hard ;) or just feel
like doing something good for yourself and want to
try something new then you should visit this place.
(You can find this Saunas on many places in Thailand).
Herbal Sauna has many knowned health benefits such
as reducing high cholesterol levels to treating eczema.

*First you go inside and sit as long
  as you feel like, then you go out &
  pour cold water over yourself.. Sit
  and relax, drink water/herbal tee..
  Then you go inside again... They
  also have herbal masks & lotions
  if you want to try..

*Where the steam comes from..

*Dont forget you are in a sacred
  place, show respect.

*There is a 50 baht nominal charge
  and any donations will help the monks
  keep the sauna operating for all to enjoy.
  Quite good price!!, right!?

My recent trip to Bayern <3

Var nyligen med jobbet på en mässa i München.
Passade då även på att besöka lite alpbyar och
Österrike/Salzburg en vacker stad som jag alltid
tyckt mycket om..

*On the way to Munich..

*Georgeous landscapes..

*Nice Alps..

*Our hotel..

*Hotel sign..

*Beer garden..;) I had to drink Shanti..

*Vackra Salzburg <3

*Up at the castle.. P enjoying his apfelstrudel. :)

*Beer fest below the castle..


*You got to have the Wiener Schnitzel..;)

*Scary statue..


*Riding the horsecarrige..;)

*Bayern Fashion..;)

*Palle and Mozart! ;)

*Cute horse baby...

Öland roots :)

*I really want to go to this festival!! ;)

Längtar till Midsommar <3

*Nu är det klart! Vi har hyrt en skärgårdsstuga utanför V-vik
  tillsammans med våra bästa vänner (2par)!! Stugan har 
  har egen brygga med badtunna och bastu! Ska bli NICE :)

A good and funny way to practice Thai...;)

Thailändsk språkkurs - Grundkurs
*Har köpt den här cd-boken..

Thailändsk grundkurs

Kursen innehåller mer än 400 fraser och meningar.
Lyssna först och repetera sedan. Texten läses upp
först på svenska och därefter två gånger på thai.

Kursen innehåller bla. :

Hälsningsfraser, räkneord, tiden, veckodagar, månaderna,
årstiderna, vädret, färger, med tåg, med flyg, på flygplatsen,
i passkontrollen, i tullen, på hotellet, med buss, med tunnelbana,
med taxi, hyra bil, väginformation,  när man behöver hjälp, på
banken, på posten, umgängesfraser,  på restaurangen, mat, dryck,
inköp och shopping, hos doktorn, på apoteket, nödsituationer m.m.

Tycker att det är jättekul att öva på detta sätt.. :)

<3 <3 <3

* Friends from the last trip.. ;)

Learning Thai is not that easy...

* Men skam den som ger sig... ;)


Ambitions <3

My favourite spot <3

*Early breakfast, for the breeze on a hot day or for the
  stunning sunset.. This is the place to be! LOVE it... :)

My new header is going crazy?? :/

Dont know really what happend with it? It was just fine
last night..? I can see it at home but not at my work-

Btw.. today Im puting on my joging shoes...
Its about time... The weather decides it all for
me.. Rain = moody, tired and want to stay inside..
Sun = *Happy*, on top of the world, lots of energy..
etc. :) Men bra att jag nu äntligen ska komma igång!

* My beloved Boracay!! Är lite avis då Palle & Charlie
   planerar att åka dit i Januari.. Har inte riktigt tänkt
   igenom om jag ska stanna på Koh P hela vintern?
   Har hyrt en liten mysig bungalow där.. ;)

O happy day by the sea.. <3

* Wonderful trip with the dogs.. :)

Worried about Kevin <3

*He is going to turn 13 years old in 2 weeks.. And he is really getting
  OLD fast.. :( Some days he is to tired for a walk and he cant jump
  in the car by himself.. But other days like today he is just fine..
  I dont even want to think about that one day I have to let him go.....

Bangkok is on fire :(

"The burning of shopping centres, the stock exchange, the headquarters
of several television channels and several government buildings has left
a bad taste after a protest that had been largely peaceful and highly

Också utgångsförbud 20.00 - 06.00 i Bangkok samt i Chiang Mai.

I wish there will be peace in Bangkok very soon..


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