Lumphaya Floating Market..


Den här marknaden får man besöka ihop med Thanwalai när man bor på hennes
"Homestay". Båtfärd-Shopping-Gott käk i ett! Bra utflykt enligt mig!;)


Homestay = Real Thai Culture...

This is as you may already know my good friend Thanwalai! I wrote about her
many times.;) I havent seen her for over 5 month now and miss her alot! 
The pictures with the palmtree is from March when she visited me on Koh
Phangan. This last picture above is she as a nun(nunna) in the temple
3 weeks ago! Intresting that women can go nuns just as men go munks.
I never know.. But I do hope that they let her out when I come back! ;)
Thanwalai is now opening up a new business "Homestay" in her home
Village.. I will find out more about it and soon write info here.. I think that
is the new "fashion" for Travelers now to stay in Homestay and learn
more about real thai culture, I love it!;)

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